Finding Elected Officials on Twitter

Finding Elected Officials on Twitter
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Finding people on Twitter can be tricky.  With so many users, it’s easy for valuable profiles to slip through the cracks.  When looking for elected officials, I’ve found that a great start is to use an aggregator like GovTwit.  Using this site, I can identify search for elected officials and filter them by number of followers, and frequency of activity, among other search filters.

From there, a good way to find people is to look at who the elected official is following.  Often they will follow other officials they will work with, which can be valuable.  Following trails of followers takes some time, but can lead you to some quality profiles.

Finally, one of the best ways to find people is word of mouth.  I’ve found some of the best profiles from other people telling me to check them out.  Even with all this great technology aggregating Twitter profiles, the best way may just be the archaic word of mouth.

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