I Really Like Senator Claire McCaskill’s New Website.

I Really Like Senator Claire McCaskill’s New Website.

mccaskillIt looks like at least one U.S. Senator understands Gov 2.0.

Senator Claire McCaskill just launched her new official  senate website, and I love it.  It’s modern, incorporates news and social media, and feels much more approachable than most government websites.  The first thing you see on the homepage is a featured story rotator and a box to send Sen. McCaskill a message.  Underneath are some useful links to resources and social media websites Sen. McCaskill is active in.  All of these portray access and transparency that gov 2.0 websites should strive for.

The one odd thing about the site is the map on the left side of the homepage.  It looks like an event calendar, but there are no events entered in at the moment.  I imagine it will be nifty once it is actually filled it.  It’s a new website though, so I’ll give her some slack there.

I’ve always like Claire McCaskill for her quality use of Twitter, and now I like her even more for her quality use of websites.  It’s nice to have at least one person in the senate that understands the importance of a quality internet presence.

You can see her website here.

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