Twitter Book Thoughts Take 2

Twitter Book Thoughts Take 2

While researching the government’s use of Twitter, I’ve found that I need to make an important decision soon – should I focus my writing on government agencies or on elected officials?  There is certainly a difference between best practices of a government agency and an elected official.  Primarily, elected officials are going to be political with their Twitter account.  Agencies, on the other hand, are less likely to be political and are more likely looking to provide/improve their service.

Because of my interest in politics more than the workings of agencies, I think I’ll move forward with elected officials.

As far as the format of the book, I think there will be a lot of value in keeping this a living document.  While we should certainly move forward with a dead-tree style book, I think it will be really important to have a website that will be updated as the use of Twitter evolves.  Future classes can add and improve/update our work.

I’m not sure what it takes to do this, but distribution through Kindle might be cool.  That way it will be much easier distribute new editions that will certainly be necessary in the near future.

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